“So far I’ve had three Biofield Tuning and Acutonics treatments with Vanessa, and each one left me feeling lighter, more relaxed, and relieved of pain. Her skill with the forks joined with her medical knowledge of the body and her soothing presence really make for a nice, healing, and relaxing session. I came in with pre-existing pain in my shoulder and back, as well as stomach and intestinal issues. She listened sincerely to my health concerns and offered treatment accordingly, and I must say, all of my symptoms were noticeably improved afterwards! If you’re looking for an effective and non-pharmaceautical approach to your health and wellness, I definitely recommend seeing Vanessa for a tuning session!”


“I went into my first Biofield Tuning session with Vanessa without any real expectations- I am a nurse myself and feel I have a fair understanding of most things relating to the human body. At the end of our session, I felt relaxed and intrigued, but no other obvious effects. Two days later, I went to work and with bizarre clarity and focus, knocked out a tedious project I had been unmotivated to do for over half a year! It was like all of the fog and resistance that had been preventing me from doing it just dissipated (“clearing out the energetic cobwebs”, as she calls it)…and the timing of this achievement wasn’t lost on me- the only thing I had done differently was that tuning session with Vanessa. If you’re hesitant or not sure it’s worth it, just give it a try! At the very least, you’ll have an hour of peace and relaxation with one of the most passionate persons I have ever met- Vanessa’s energy and joy for life are truly unparalleled. And at most, your cobwebs will get cleared and you’ll reap whatever benefits result from it, be they intellectual, emotional, social, or otherwise!” 



“I have had three Biofield Tuning sessions with Vanessa so far. They have all been unique and focused on different areas in my body, and after each meeting I felt very relaxed and calm. Vanessa has a great bedside manner and I liked how she explained everything she was doing and what certain sounds meant with the forks while she was scanning my Biofield. After my first session I was a little fatigued, but the sessions following left me very energetic and motivated to start exercising and making healthier choices with my diet. I’ve had the willpower to lose 10 lbs in a month, which I’ve never been able to do on my own accord! It was like our sessions gave me the boost I needed to start taking my health seriously and making some much needed changes in my life. I look forward to receiving more tune-ups with Vanessa and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone!” 



“Before coming to see Vanessa, I felt like one of those cartoon characters that had a heavy black cloud following me everywhere that I just couldn’t shake. I received a Crystal, Reiki and Biofield Tuning session, and by the end of it felt so much lighter and free. My body felt like it had just gotten a really good massage, and I sensed that a strong protective bubble had replaced the dark rain cloud I went in with. In the days following, I also noticed my busy schedule was a lot easier to manage, and I was able to miraculously mend an important family relationship that had been strained for years. The only thing I had done differently is see Vanessa, so I absolutely credit our session for healing a lot of the things that had been bothering me for a long time. I’m looking forward to more sessions with her and can’t wait to see what else they can do!”



“New to Biofield Tuning, Vanessa was professional and caring in explaining the science behind Biofield therapy. She is kind and listens well, creating a warm, welcoming environment that felt safe in every session. I have had great sessions with her and each treatment has helped me gain more energy, focus, clarity, and calmness while tackling everyday life. The results from working with her have been so impressive that I have recommended my sister and my best friend to try it out and they both have had great experiences as well. I am thankful for Vanessa’s professional and compassionate service; she is very skilled in her craft and will no doubt make you feel better!”



“I was introduced to Colorpuncture and Biofield Tuning by Vanessa. It was the first time I had heard about using light frequencies, weighted and non-weighted forks as a form of healing the body’s electromagnetic field. I went in with an open mind and Vanessa was very patient about explaining and describing what she was doing as she conducted our session. I felt my body sensations change during the tuning and it was as if my body was loosening up, unclogging, and detoxifying. I saw Vanessa over the course of 6 sessions and could see progressive and consistent improvements in my overall health. Vanessa is passionate about helping a person reach their optimal health using holistic and natural practice. She continuously strives to further her knowledge and this is seen in the way she approached each of our sessions. Her easy going, professional and warm conduct helped me feel I was in good hands and that my health could reach new levels, and with her help it most certainly has!”



“My Biofield Tuning session with Vanessa was a stress-relieving, comforting, and rejuvenating experience. I had a lot of tension and tightness in my body, and although arriving a bit skeptical, by the end of our session my symptoms were greatly reduced. Her care and attention put me at ease and left me feeling very at peace during the treatment and afterwards. I would recommend anyone seeking spiritual and physical wellness book an appointment with her as she is a natural healer and you will leave your session feeling a lot better!”



“Each Biofield Tuning session with Vanessa left me feeling deeply relaxed and clear headed. I’ve always had problems with anxiety, insomnia and a racing mind, and our sessions helped tremendously with those issues. I also noticed I had a lot more energy throughout the day, and certain things that used to bother me just didn’t trigger me anymore. I love this calm, cool, collected feeling I now have and I look forward to future sessions. I definitely recommend going to see Vanessa, it is an interesting and unique way to take care of yourself and you will no doubt have a great experience!”



“I’ve known Vanessa for over a year now and started receiving Biofield Tunings from her after a recommendation from a trusted healer. I’ve been impressed by the way she works with energy in every session. She has the ability to bring a person to a very tranquil place in their subconscious that feels almost like waking up fresh from an enlightening dream when it comes to an end. I came to Vanessa during a rather difficult time in my life with blockages in my heart, throat and sacral chakras. Today I can say with absolute confidence that there is a clear difference in my situation and mental state, and I can attribute a large part of my growth to our sessions. I look forward to the progress that she and I can make in the future as her many skills in healing continue to grow.”



“Vanessa has such a light about her and it shows through her work. When she approached me in regards to her energy healing work, I was intrigued and all in! Each session I received with the tuning forks was very gentle and effective. I left my sessions feeling relaxed, lighter, and physically just more comfortable. Vanessa’s work is very thorough. She will explain the process every step of the way and answer any questions you may have. If you are new or familiar with energy work, I would recommend her a thousand times over! Thank you so much for helping me on my healing journey. I am excited to see where more sessions will lead me, and I’m looking forward to another treatment with those magic forks!”



“I absolutely loved and enjoyed all of the energy healing sessions with Vanessa that I’ve had the great fortune to experience! Immediately after our Biofield Tuning sessions I always feel so energized and alive; there is an undeniable noticeable difference in how completely grounded and connected I now feel with myself and the Earth. Her intuitive feedback was very beneficial and eye opening for me- she gave me clear awareness of the imbalances I had in my body and energy field, then helped me to get back into balance with her diligent and deeply present way of working with sound and light. She is a truly gifted healing arts therapist, which is amplified by her calm, welcoming, and incredibly nurturing demeanor. I always look forward to working with her and can’t wait for my next tune up! The Force is strong with this one!”



“I am so grateful to have received several Biofield Tuning sessions from Vanessa. She explained everything she was going to do and walked me through the whole process while providing a nice sense of security so I could feel safe with my thoughts and feelings. She is knowledgable as well as intuitive and has the innate ability to know when to use what out of her tool belt of frequency forks. She is a gifted healer with a compassionate heart and leaving her office I felt an incredible sense of peace and confidence, like I could take on the world! I am truly amazed at the effectiveness of these treatments. You will love her, and you’ll love yourself a little more after each visit. Every session left me feeling more calm, relaxed, lighter and refreshed; thank you for making me feel so wonderful, and for being amazing at your craft!”



“Your relationship with your body is one of the most important relationships you’ll ever have. And since repairs are expensive and spare parts are hard to come by, it pays to make that relationship good.” -Steve Goodier


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