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The electrical system of our body is the most primary aspect of our being, and yet, this system in its entirety is something most of us weren’t taught about. We know that the heart is electric (think ECG, defibrillator, pacemakers), the brain is electric (think EEG and brainwaves), and the nervous system is electric (transmits electrical signals to and from the entire body). Additionally, our cells and our blood carry a charge, and our fascia and collagen microfiber system are a type of electrical semiconductor that distributes energy throughout the entire body; even our bones are crystalline piezoelectric structures that produce light and electricity when they are compressed. We are, quite literally, powered by electricity! But our electrical system is only one piece of the puzzle— scientists have discovered (using very advanced instruments) that we have a magnetic field around us that is connected to our electric body, and these magnetic fields actually guide and inform the electric currents running through us. It is this intricate electromagnetic system that manages, controls, and dictates our entire being and overall health. We would’t be alive without it!

In 1994, the National Institute of Health coined the term “Biofield”, which explains the area of electromagnetic energy and information that surrounds and interpenetrates the human body. This system underlies your physical body and is the template that your physiology references back to. Think of the Biofield and electrical system as an underlying electromagnetic blueprint that work together to organize and communicate with all of the body’s organs and systems, all of which is to maintain homeostasis. Maintaining the integrity of the human Biofield and our electric body is vital to proper functioning of your physical body. This dynamic duo needs a clear signal to operate at its peak performance, but there are a lot of “signal jammers” out there that can cause disruptions and “traffic jams” to this flow of energy and information, which can in turn, affect the physical body’s resilience and capacity to heal and regenerate. It is our Biofield and electrical system that responds exquisitely to coherent light, sound, and vibration. There is a whole language of vibration that our bodies and nature communicate in. We know from Physics that everything in the universe is in motion, things in motion make waves, and waves propagate…our bodies are no different.

We are constantly broadcasting and receiving vibrational information from people and from our surrounding environments, without even saying a word. Have you ever had the experience of getting a bad “vibe” from someone, or at the other end of the spectrum, instantly resonating with someone? These situations have nothing to do with what that person says, but how they feel, and how they make us feel. Although it’s something we can’t see, it’s something we can most certainly sense. Animals, for example, can sense these vibrations we give off— that’s how your pets can understand you! The relationship between bees and flowers, and many migratory birds and animals, is actually an electromagnetic relationship. The natural world—the flora and fauna—and people as well, all speak this universal language of vibration. We are constantly emitting vibrational information and engaging in these subtle field interactions with each other on an every day basis, whether we realize it or not.

With any pathology, any system in the body that’s not working properly is going to make noise. How we feel creates waves that propagate off the body into the Biofield. Stress, tension, pain, and trauma all generate incoherent waveforms and cause a type of static or “noise in the signal” that can eventually break the body down, and if not dealt with, cause illness and disease. These areas of dissonance can be located, heard, and felt in the Biofield by using a vibrating tuning fork in a sonar type of way, and then by using the fork like a magnet, these standing waves of distorted information and stuck energy can be accessed and shifted into a more coherent rhythm. Recent research suggests that what we are dealing with in the Biofield is a type of congested plasma (the fourth state of matter that, once again, is rarely taught), and entangled Biophotons (trapped light/electricity). The energy adjustments I provide are a type of preventative energetic hygiene to help balance and strengthen the control system of your body. When I find these disrupted patterns in the Biofield and adjust the electromagnetic blueprint, the body naturally follows suit and fixes itself.

The world is sick, and the pharmaceutical route of conventional medicine isn’t working as well as we thought it would. We now know that the human body is made up of more energy than it is matter, and scientists are beginning to discover and research the magnetic and electrical components that the human body entails. As medicine progresses, I believe that the standard model of treating the body chemically and mechanically will begin to shift into a more physics-based model, with a focus on the incredible electromagnetic aspects of our being, and how this complex system shapes our overall health. Our electric body is our light—it is, in fact, the main determinant of our vitality! Electric health is something we should start taking seriously, and this practice is committed to raising your voltage so you can be strong, healthy, confident, productive, and let your inner radiance shine out into the world!

I encourage those who are curious to visit electrichealth.com to learn more about just how important our electric bodies are. Biofieldtuning.com is another excellent resource to look into, if you’d like to dive further into the science and mechanics behind Biofield Tuning. This cutting edge, new frontier of Biofield research and energy medicine is a huge paradigm shift that has the potential to revolutionize the way we think about healthcare, our bodies, our relationships, our emotions, and our interconnectedness with the natural world and society as a whole.

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“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all previous centuries of existence.” -Nikola Tesla


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